„Always Ready“ - an exhibition by Neda Firfova, curator: Ivana Vaseva

External activity | Neda Firfova, Ivana Vaseva | Аways Ready | curator: Ivana Vaseva | Youth Cultural Center, Skopje | 24 April - 8 May, 2014. 
Instead of taking sides – critiquing the ideological spectacles of communism, for example, or supporting the memory of that spectacle to reinforce egalitarian ideas of collectivity – what interests me in the exhibition Always Ready and in the redesign and reenactment of mass games and their props is the knowledge lost alongside the cultural amnesia after the fall of communism.

Yane Calovski's - Helsinki Photography Biennial 2014

Yane Calovski's video essay "Hollow Land" presented at Helsinki Photography Biennial 2014
27 March 2014 - 14 May 2014

Current projects update| presentation of the video essay "Holow Land" by the artist Yane Calovski| exhibited at the L3 warehouse | Helsinki Photography Biennial 2014| curators: Basak Senova, Mustarinda Association, and Branko Franceschi.

Helsinki Photography Biennial is a series of events on photo/lens-based contemporary art that opens March 27 in Helsinki. The biennial features contemporary art from Finland and beyond, and is organized every two years in the spring. HPB14 is produced by Union of Artist Photographers / Photographic Gallery Hippolyte in collaboration with The Finnish Museum of Photography.


Tuersday, March 13th - from 8pm, AKSC - Skopje
Organized by: press to exit project space