27. November - 07. December

Impressions from Macedonia, Atanas Talevski (Macedonia)
Photo exhibition
Partner: The International Woman's Association of Macedonia

COMPILER//01 “Was ist kunst, Marinela Kozelj?” by Susann Wintsch

14. - 24. November

COMPILER//01 “Was ist kunst, Marinela Kozelj?” by Susann Wintsch (Switzerland)
Promotion and launch of the DVD Magazine for Contemporary Art
With presentations by Sokol Beqiri (Kosovo), Albert Heta (Kosovo) and Nebojsha Milikic (Serbia and Montenegro)
Partner: Kanal 103

31. October - 10. November

Prayer, Stefan Saskov (Macedonia)
Video installation
Partners: Open Society Institute Macedonia and Delta Repro Polzer - Skopje

Nilgün Sim Süldür ( Turkey )

28. June - 30. August

Nilgün Sim Süldür (Turkey)
Photo exhibition
Partners: Skopje Summer Festival and The Association of Macedonian Photographers

Eyes Wide Open , Pance Velkov ( Macedonia )

3. June

Eyes Wide Open, Pance Velkov (Macedonia)
Photo exhibition


23. - 24. May

LPE : Krist Gruythuysen

Presentation of his recent projects

Blurred , Zolt Kovac ( Serbia and Montenegro )

21. May

Blurred, Zolt Kovac (Serbia and Montenegro)
Partner: REMONT - Independent Artists Association, Belgrade

13. May

LPE: Iskra Dimitrova (MK)

Soloist Exhibition of Iskra Dimitrova titled as historyofasexuality

04. – 06. May

LPE: Galia Dimitrova (BG)

Galia Dimitrova is independent curator and art program coordinator at InterSpace Media Art Centre (www.i-space.org), Bulgaria.

During her stay she will present some of her curatorial projects (On Difference 2, Coffee with Sugar, The Global and the Man exhibition), selected projects from InterSpace programme (Urban Cycles 1&2 2000/2002, MACROVIDEO, Net User conference
One the last day she will make a Screening of Cinemapsorts – Sofia films.


Carambole, dance & theatre company (Switzerland)
Video presentation and lecture
Partner: Locomotiva – New initiatives in the arts and culture, Skopje


Risima Risimkin and Olga Pango (Macedonia)
20 th century contemporary dance
Lectures and video presentation in the frame work of April -Month of Dance
Partner: Macedonian Centre for Dance, Skopje


Alexandra Shubskaya (Russia)
Contemporary art from the Krasnoyarsk region
Lecture and video presentation
Partner: Contemporary Art Centre, Skopje

27. March - 14. April

LPE: Exhibition:Eternal Recurrence2, Liljana Gjuzelova 

Solo exhibition of Ljiljana Guzelova curated by Susana Milevska

26. March - 28. March

LPE: Chernobyl + 20 films festival

Organized by EKO SVEST, in collaboration with press to exit project space. Films starting from 8pm

12. – 14. March

LPE: Laura Mansfield and Amy Feneck (GB)

Presentation of the “Spike Island” Art Space Bristol programme

03. March – 10. March


Exhibition co- produced by press to exit project space as part of the New Projects Production programme (NPP). OFF was curated by Macedonian curators Biljana P. Isijanin and Marijan Denkov with mentorship of visiting curator Basak Senova.

21. February - 24. February

VCI: cross-meeting 1

Partners of the meeting: Basak Senova from NOMAD (TR), Erzen Shkololli from EXIT Gallery (Kosovo), Martgarethe Makovec < rotor > Gallery (A) and press to exit project space

17. February – 24. February

NPP:  Citism – Exhibition as part of NPP

Exhibition co- produced by press to exit project space as part of the New Projects Production programme (NPP). Citism is curated by Elena Veljanovska, Hristian Panev and Boris Petrovski with mentorship of visiting curator Basak Senova. Opening Friday 17th of February 21.00h at press to exit project space. Open hours 12.00- 18.00 Monday to Friday

14. February – 03. March

VCI: Basak Senova- Visiting curator that has been part of the VCI programme 2005.

This residence stay of the curator Basak Senova is continuation of her work in the residence in 2005. During her stay in 2005 she has developed two concepts with Macedonian curators. Concepts will be realized as exhibitions and be presented in the NPP programme of the gallery in February.

During her residence in 2006 she is mentoring the implementation of the concepts as well initiating debates with several national, regional and international curators. You can find more about the exhibitions developed in collaboration with Basak Senova and co production with press to exit project space on our web site under the names Citism and Space Off.

26. January – 03. February

LPE: Exhibition: “Untitled” 2006, Edin Vejselovik

Vejselovic is presented for the first time in Skopje with his project “Untitled” that is conceptual site specific intervention which was realized in Sarajevo and Belgrade