Whiteness as Property. Racism and Ownership, Kunstlerhaus Vienna

External activities | Hristina Ivanoska | Group exhibition "Whiteness as Property. Racism and Ownership" curated by Anna Hofner ex-Prvulović* | Kunstlerhaus, Vienna | 12.02-06.06.2022

As part of the exhibition entitled "Whiteness as Property. Racism and Ownership" which opened on February 12, 2022 at the Kunstlerhaus, Vienna, and which is curated by Anna Hofner ex-Prvulović*, the artist Hristina Ivanoska presented the installation Broken Document Breaks Out Into Poetry, consisting of three parts:

Fairy Hair, 2016/2017 4 wooden objects, graphite and colorless wax on walnut, each 30 x 30 x 2 cm

• Document Missing: Performance No. 10 (A Needlework), 2021 Thread and graphite on wool and wood, 270 x 700 cm

• Document Missing: Performance No. 11 (A Mural), 2022 Pigment on wall, dimensions variable

The curator of the exhibition Anna Hofner ex-Prvulović* explains: "Whiteness as Property. Racism and Ownership seeks to examine the racialized relations of ownership from an economic, materialist perspective. The focus of the exhibition is the critical-aesthetic art practices that are interested in the relationship to ownership and governance. The selection of artists and works shows artistic strategies as decisive instruments for dealing with possessive individualism, and examines whether art can be a source of alternative subject/object models of possession that critically address racism."