Research visit and project presentation as part of Fuchsbau Festival

Research visit and project presentation | Yane Calovski and Hristina Ivanoska | Makedonium: Dramaturgy of the Unfinished | Fuchsbau Festival | Hanover, Germany  | August, 2020

 As part of the ongoing project “Makedonium: Dramaturgy of the Unfinished”, Yane Calovski and Hristina Ivanoska had a 2 week research visit in Hannover in order to meet the team of Fuchsbau Festival, to present the project and to work on the next stages of its production and presentation in 2022. The research visit was realized thanks to the support from the team of the Fuchsbau Festival and i-Portunus and Ministry of Culture of the Republic of North Macedonia

 The research and interdisciplinary project of Yane Calovski and Hristina Ivanoska “Makedonium: Dramaturgy of the Unfinished”, targets the archives and policies of memory and oblivion through an artistic interpretation of archival and other findings related to the late stages of modernism in Macedonia, in this specific case related to the monumental complex Makedonium (later renamed as Ilinden) in Krushevo. This project builds on their previous artistic interest related to the issues of defragmented histories, narrative speculations and policies of representation in the context of forgotten testimonies from the past. Their individual and joint projects shape visual formations of the (un)documented through various forms of art, respecting the ratio between the documentary and the artistic, as well as the ways in which artefacts challenge the imaginative and fictitious space.