Macedonian visual artists: Yane Calovski

External activities  | Yane Calovski  | KSP-Center Jadro  | July 16, 2021

In recent years, we have witnessed a lack of continuity or structured historiography that follows and treats the Macedonian visual scene. Many of our artists have a very rich production and under very difficult conditions they manage to exhibit their works at relevant exhibitions at home, in Europe and the world. Unfortunately, due to the systematic neglect of institutions and the media, their works and successes are not sufficiently presented to the general public. Therefore, we considered that through these presentations and live conversations with prominent authors we will succeed in greater promotion as well as generational connection which will help in establishing continuity and intensifying the dialogue on the local art scene. Within the 10 lectures / presentations, the artists will review their work or will present a selection of their most representative projects.

The talks will be moderated by art historian and curator Vladimir Jancevski.

The series of presentations continues with a review of the work of the visual artist Jane Calovski, an author with an exceptionally rich and representative career on the world art scene. His works, realized in different media and on different topics in the last two decades, have been exhibited at home and abroad at important events, such as the Manifesto and the Venice Biennale.

Chalovski is undoubtedly one of the most relevant authors of contemporary Macedonian art in the 21st century, with a long-standing representative presence and distance from the country's borders. His works realized in various media that include drawing, installations, objects, multidisciplinary research projects, represent a significant contribution to the debates on public space, the meaning of archives and collective memory, and thus the role of art in contemporary. From the very beginning, Calovski has been seriously performing on the art scene with works that have been considered, with a specific thematic and problem focus, seriously taking into account the social context and the importance of activating the current debates. In his presentation, Chalovski will present a selection of works created over a longer period of time, and through them he will reveal more about his methodology, the strategies he uses and the ways in which he realizes the works, as well as the context in which they are exhibited and presented.