Opening of SKS "Centar-Jadro"

External activities | Yane Calovski | opening of SKS "Center-Jadro"  | October 7, 2020

On the occasion of the opening of the new cultural and social space "Center-Jadro", as well as the presentation of the model of civil-public partnership, a press conference was held.

SKS "Centar-Jadro" is a public institution in the field of culture established on the principle of civil-public partnership for the needs of the community. It fosters an inclusive, democratic and progressive culture through program creation, affirmation, education and development of artistic and socio-cultural practices in collaboration with individuals, formal and informal groups.

SKS "Centar-Jadro" was jointly founded by the Municipality of Centar and "Jadro" - Association of the independent cultural scene (platform that unites organizations, individuals and informal art groups from all over the country). This model allows for long-term sustainability, due to the balanced relationship between public funding and oversight, on the one hand, and independent programming and participatory decision-making, on the other.

The idea for the Cultural-Social Space "Center-Core" arose from the need for a place, focus, where urban life will be freely expressed, contemporary socio-cultural practices, a space that will create autonomous, self-organized content, content that will articulate our urban, intellectual , critical and creative capital.

Yane Calovski, President of the "Jadro - Association of Independent Cultural Scene", expressed great satisfaction for the opening of the center, which is a joint venture of the wider independent cultural scene and the Municipality of Center. He stressed that this is an extremely important act for the independent cultural scene, which for years has been striving to do something that is for the common good. A space where creativity, critical thinking and community will be portrayed in the best possible way and where the common will transcend the particular.

"We are proud that the Municipality of Centar received its first institution in the field of culture and that it has great confidence in our cooperation, as an association and representative body on the independent cultural scene. I am especially glad that this model has been recognized and will soon be replicated through the opening of the new cultural center Podium-Jadro, in Kavadarci. "- said Calovski.

"Centar-Jadro" is a result of the efforts of JADRO - Association of Independent Cultural Scene, which since its establishment in 2012 as a non-profit, inclusive, participatory and advocacy platform, seeks to strengthen the independent cultural sector and its impact on the creation and practice of cultural policies, in order to encourage the processes of democratization in culture and beyond, in society and in the civil sector.