Panic Room or Leap into Thinking

External activities | Jane Calovski and Hristina Ivanoska | group exhibition "Panic Room or Leap into Thinking" | October 2, 2020, Museum of Contemporary Art - Skopje

22nd of April, the day of planet Earth. This day has been marked for already half of century, aiming to emphasize the peoples awareness of the importance for preservation for healthy living environment. Question rises ” What have we done for this past 50 years?” Instead of caring for the nature we managed to accelerate the process of its degradation. We managed to entirely ignore the suggestions of the scientists that pollution and degradation of nature and the living conditions on our planet means going towards the edge of ontological abyss. It has showed that the ontological  abyss has larger gravitational pull instead of our obligation to be responsible in the face of the future : the one, that according to certain observations, is already happening.

The concept of the exhibition Panic Room, is to offer certain courses of redesigning or even resetting of our attitude towards natural and social surrounding. Actually , it’s all about different approaches  of connecting and solidarity between people and their surrounding ( as opposed  to the usual way in which living conditions are taken for granted,  as something given to us and belonging to us). At the same time, the exhibition is also a  critique of the neoliberal financial, technological, biopolitical, or necropolitical strategy of manipulating and colonizing all spheres of spatial, biological, and symbolic existence.

 Panic room does not mean any safe place to hide (as in David Fincher’s movie  from which the title is borrowed), but refers to the intimate, inner space as a place of decision for a decisive turn of thought: instead  to accept that it is much easier to imagine the end of the world than the end of capitalism, to leap, leap into thinking and to imagine the end of capitalism, calling for “a new country, a new people”( Deleuze&Guattari) Instead of an ecology of fear, an ecology of thought.

The exhibition will feature 12 artists in different media: Iskra Dimitrova, Nehat Beqiri, Verica Kovachevska, Nada, Prlja, Velimir Zhernovski, Matej Bogdanovski, Hristina Ivanoska, Yane Chalovski, Gjorgje Jovanovikj, Filip Jovanovski, Nikola Uzunovski and the collective OPA (Denis Saraginovski, Slobodanka Stevchevska). Curated by: Ljiljana Nedelkovska