Persistent Traces from Heritage to Come

Publication | Persistent Traces from Heritage to Come | as part of European project Collective Domain of Cultural Memory (CDCM) |  Published by Suns and Stars, Amsterdam, Netherlands 20 May, 2020

Printed before completing the project Collective Domain of Cultural Memory (CDCM) the book “Persistent Traces from Heritage to Come” is not a conclusion. Instead, it is a trajectory, a dendritic trail through the artistic practices and methods that were involved in the process of its becoming.

"Persistent Traces from Heritage to Come" presents the unsettled ideas and explorations of the founders and curators of Press to Exit Project Space: Yane Calovski, Loose Associations: Natasa Bodrozic, and Suns & Stars: Marjoca de Greef and Anastasija Pandilovska, which arose in the process of the becoming of the CDCM project.

Each partner organization invited a writer; prominent and meaningful voices in the fragmented and wandering discourse of artistic affiliations with cultural heritage. Loose Associations invited Ivana Bago, Press to Exit Project Space invited Jovanka Popova, and Suns and Stars invited Lucy Cotter. Their contributions bring new light to the ongoing project.

The CDCM is a collaboration by Press to Exit Project Space (North Macedonia), Loose Associations (Croatia), and Suns and Stars (the Netherlands). The project is threefold, taking place in Skopje, Split, and Amsterdam from 2018 through 2020.