Intimate Introspection: Artist and/or Society

External activity |  Intimate Introspection: Artist and/or Society | Hristina Ivanoska’s work at Autostrada Biennale “Revolution is us” curated by Giacinto Di Pietrantonio. | Prizren, Kosovo |  21 July 2019

Ivanoska’s work “Intimate Introspection: Artist and/or Society” is an installation located in the ground floor of Prizren Bus Station. The work is made out of used cardboard boxes collected from local small private shops, a material that signifies the economic inequality and the silenced political voice of the individuals that recycle it. I am building a platform to contextualize the brutal occupation of the public space by neoliberal capital, the ongoing privatization and exploitation of the natural resources, and the continuous degradation of human and animal conditions.