The Intricate Sense of Truth in Oral Histories

Presentation | Hristina Ivanoska: Document Missing: The Intricate Sense of Truth in Oral Histories  | Summer School as School organized by Stacion Center Contemporary Art Prishtina |  Boxing Club, Kosovo | 12  August,  2019 

Storytelling and the notion of oral transfer of data is a tradition on which we rest the case of most of the official historical narratives in relation to women’s history. The oral/immaterial transfer carries the weight of a document that is unscientific and prone to manipulation. Political currency of certain documents lies in the potential of unlocking a change or a paradigmatic shift in how something is perceived. In the process of critically examining the selection of particulars from the authentic materials we find that synthesis of particulars that lead into a narrative and, as a result, history becomes a contested field where the linearity of stories is challenged.

In the frame of "Document Missing” Ivanoska will present a compilation of research based works produced in different mediums in a period of almost two decades (including the 3-chanell video "Naming the Bridge: Rosa Plaveva and Nakie Bajram" and series of performances tilted "Document Missing") focused around the issues of suppression, control and construction of collective memory in regard to women’ resistance strategies and politics.