Public lecture: Contemporary design and independent publishing practices as voice from the margins

Lectures and presentations | Arianne Spanier "Contemporary Design and Independent Publishing Practices as a Voice from the Margins"| Cricfestival for critical culture: CRIC 04 | organized by Kontrapunkt and press to exit project space | Chifte Hammam, National Gallery | 22.11. 2019

For the last 20 years Fukt Magazine has been exploring contemporary drawing and over the years has built an extensive archive of hand-drawn artwork, with latest editions critically examining various themes such as sex, text and words in drawing and systems. The talk of Arianne Spanier Contemporary design and independent publishing practices as voice from the margins will focus on the story of the publication, both on a personal level and in the wider picture of mark-making, design and above all the creative process. The past decade has seen a rapid development of independent publishing, especially among the artist community, with art book fairs arising around the globe and many new possibilities in production and distribution. What are the pros and cons to create your own platform and to be an independent publisher in today’s society?

With a focus on visual imagery and interviews the magazine sheds light on both established and emerging artists. As its design and layout changes with each issue depending on the topic, Fukt’s recent edition, The System Issue, communicates through a bespoke cover and a grid-breaking layout. Delving into the innately human desire to create systems, Fukt’s 18th issue explores how artists interpret and incorporate systems in their work. Whether it’s a critique of a political system, a methodical set of rules that the artist follows to create an artwork by following specific schedules and developing structures for their creative process, or by inventing new and utopian systems - the magazine burrows into a number of differing perspectives on the systems of drawing, artistic creation and mindsets.