Curator in residence / Limidity Temporary Art Projects

Curators in Residence | Jovanka Popova and Mira Gakjina |  Curating Urban Commons Project at Limidity Temporary Art Projects  |  Morocco, 9-23 October, 2018

What is the input of social clashes in the process of producing contemporary art practices? How do we interpret different histories and its direct effect on urban development and visual art? Addressing subjects such as the historical and urban development of El Jadida, with its rich multicultural diversities, the research interests are focused upon practices that generate process of modification of actual into new kind of social reality, on the level of interaction between the artistic and the daily experience.

The research tends to examine alternatives of mapping and revival of the existing cultural heritage into recovering place through art strategies. The project will be presented in a form of visual guide, through the methodology that involves exchange of experiences with local artists and curators, in order to investigate the potential of creating sustainable environments and contemporary production, through different manifestation of urbanity within the local social and cultural framework. 

The project is realised with the support from the Roberto Cimetta Fund and the Ministry of Culture of Republic of Macedonia.