MOCA has goat ears

External activities | curator Ivana Vaseva | MOCA has goat ears, exhibition/ installation | Museum of contemporary arts, Skopje | 22 February – (…)
What remains remembered in the very walls of the Museum of Contemporary Arts in Skopje, which doesn't come out to light? And after 44 years of existence, what does this museum of solidarity “building nurtured by a unique and noble idea” as Blaze Koneski said on its opening on 13 November 1970, today speaks?
These are the two questions which form this small exhibition/ installation in MOCA, in the context of the spatial installation 2000 's: FOR THE INDEPENDENT – based on true stories, project by Hristina Ivanoska and Yane Calovski. It starts from the concept of secret, or more precisely, from the public secret as one folk tale narrates about the emperor Trajan who had goat ears. It thus continues upon the idea of the impossibility of sharing and with that, bringing one to senses about certain constellations and situations. In this particular case, these “showcases” are spaces where things that can’t (and mustn't) be forgotten or silenced, are voiced not to be reiterated.
This exhibition is comprised from various kinds of documents that MOCA archives, such as: different contracts, written negotiations, correspondence letters, thanking letters, media texts which often are beyond the neat, puritanical language and sometimes speak with anger, fear of the unknown and withdrawal.
This project doesn't pretend to give complete image of all enumerated documents. It is more an attempt  to ponder upon different, potential history of the space which escapes from the stereotypical and known museological phrases and to open new ideas about what one fluid (parallel) history can be and represent to one alive museological organism, one archive where anyone can project his/hers own thinking and imagination without the pressure to form definite answer.