Irena Pivka I Brane Zorman / Cona Intitute

Irena Pivka is a Ljubljana-based artist, architect and scenographer /MA at Faculty for Architecture in Ljubljana, MA at St. Martins College of Art, London (MA scenography). Together with Brane Zorman she estabished CONA institute for procesing contemporary arts. They realised seria of multimedia art project with main focus on imigration and integration proces in our sociaty. In 2008 Cona started production of a long term art project radioCona/Temporary Project radio For Contemporary Arts, which employs the space of a public radio frequency. She collaborating with the following galleries: Museum of Modern Art Ljubljana, Škuc, galery City Ljubljana, Maribor Art Gallery, A+A Venezia, Ozone Belgrade, ASC Graz, <rotor> Graz, Zerinthya Roma and many others… She received several international artist in residence programs and as guest artist she prepeared several international presentations and artist lectures about her work. As a set and costume designer, she designed over fifty scenographies and collaborated with the majority of performing and dance producers in Slovenia.

Brane Zorman is Ljubljana – based artist, com-poser, sound-manipulator.
Brane Zorman is composer, intermedia artist, sound man-i-pul-ator, producer working as a freelance artist in Ljubljana, Slovenia. He has composed music for more than 50 theatre, dance, multimedia and newmedia sound pieces, as well as released several theatre soundtrack CDs and a few dance EPs for various labels. He composes music or film, TV and radio commercials. His achievements include the first DTS surround encoded soundtrack for a theatre performance in Slovenia, the first DTS surround CD release in Slovenia. He has an interest in special sound design, effects and sound sculptures – sounscapes, as well as Brane Zorman’s live surround sound projects and events in various spaces. He works with intermedia artists such as Igor Stromajer and world renowned BALLETTIKKA INTERNETTIKKA guerilla internet projects, as well as Irena Pivka on Cona projects series. With Irena Pivka they founded “CONA Intsitute for contemporary art processing” who produces intermedia project radioCona – a legal temporary project radio for comte

6Transmit Walk, Ljubljana, 2012, test drive

Selected project:
Transmit Walk is in-situ performance, controled by RFID protocol. It is a controlled area that tracks your movements with a controlled transmission of sound stories of your choice.  The artwork Transmit Walk brings to focus the use of radiofrequency ID. By using this technology, the ID that shifts human to an object of applicable and traceable value is decontextualised. The project highlights wider social characteristics of using this technology. In the name of greater safety, new technologies ensure an even greater control over individuals. Security systems are becoming extensions of our bodies, our everlasting companions and followers. We live in a society that under the surface of safety creates unstable, un-safe environments, where an individual has to be protected. In the name of security, man agrees to control, dictated by the society. These relations of created safety enter society via capital, power, and authority.The project Transmit Walk is devised as a performative tool for creating sound message landscapes. The visitor gets an active RFID tag that tracks her/his movements among five locations and activates sound stories. The piece includes four stories titled Capital, Power, Authority, and Security respectively. Tracking between locations is recorded graphically.