Another Hungary, another Macedonia? Critical rural art and subaltern counterpublics

Undisciplined Forms of Knowledge | Curator in Residence: Katalin Erdödi | Museum of Contemporary Art Skopje | 13th December 2018, 6pm

“The rural is not new. The rural is not static. The rural is not disappearing. (…) The rural is a multitude and it is dynamic, it can be attached or detached from a geography, it can be a mind set, a certain practice or a shared identity. It is a common term without being precise. (…) We are passionate about questioning the cultural hegemony of the urban and advocate making space and time to understand the rural as a place of and for cultural production.” Kathrin Böhm/Wapke Feenstra, Myvillages

After spending one month in the frame of Press to Exit Project Space’s program Visiting Curatorial Initiative in Skopje, Katalin Erdödi gives a presentation of her on-going research into critical art practices in and about the rural and her interest in investigating social change in post-socialist rural spaces through artistic and curatorial strategies.

CrossSections | Başak Şenova

International Symposium Curating Exchange | Presentation by Basak Senova: CrossSections Project | Museum of Contemporary Art Skopje | 5th December 2018, 8pm

We are pleased to announce that on 5th of December (Wednesday,) starting from 8pm in the Museum of Contemporary Art Skopje will take place a presentation and conversation with Basak Senova, curator and designer.

In Skopje she will present the Crossections project as an interdisciplinary platform, contemplating on artistic research, dialogues, and production. In the course of three years (2017-2019), with the participation of 19 artists, some scholars and cultural workers, various meetings, workshops, exhibitions, performances, and talks will be held in three cities: Vienna, Helsinki, and Stockholm. 

Curator in Residence | Katalin Erdődi

Curator in Residence |  Katalin Erdődi |  press to exit project space |  19 November -17 December 2018

Upon the invitation of press to exit project space, and within the framework of the "Visiting Curatorial Initiative" program, Katalin Erdődi (1980, Debrecen, Hungary) is visiting Macedonia from November 19 to December 17, 2018. She is a curator, researcher and cultural worker active in the fields of contemporary art and performance since 2004. Her practice focuses on cross-disciplinary collaboration, politically engaged artistic and curatorial strategies, experimental performative formats, and art in public space, understood in the broadest sense as social, architectural, and discursive space. She lives and works in Vienna.

During her stay in Skopje, Katalin Erdődi will do practice-based research that is part of her doctoral studies. Her research explores the post-socialist rural condition in Hungary and in other former Socialist countries, including Macedonia, more precisely socio-economic, political and cultural transformation processes in rural places, with the political transition at the end of 80’s/beginning of 90’s seen as a turning point. She examines heterogeneous and fragmented realities of rural change—especially focusing on the transformation of agricultural work, rural livelihoods and everyday life—with the help of artistic and curatorial strategies at the intersection of public art, art-based research and socio-political engagement.

Illusions of Art

New Project Productions“Illusions of Art” by Dorotej Neshovski press to exit project space3 - 14th December, 2018, 10-15.00 and 20-22.00 h

“Illusions of Art” by Dorotej Neshovski (b. 1988, Skopje) is an research-based project which deals with concepts of creative spontaneity, visual articulation, social inclusivity, pedagogy and abstracting of the relation between gallery - audience - artist.

 "Illusions of Аrt" was realized within the framework of the program "New Project Productions" and resulted in a series of objects / images, digital prints, drawings, photo documentation and ephemeral interventions in space. Experienced by the author as "urban visual and mental graphic maps", where the authors' experiences of people, situations, energies, spaces, and events, coexist in parallel notion, the works are built with layered color-graphic intensity. They provoke and communicate with us by directing our gaze simultaneously inward, into our intimate space of memories, and outward, towards the public sphere of everyday experiences.

Belinda Kazeem-Kamiński / Film projection and conversation

International Symposium Curating Exchange | Film projection and conversation with Belinda Kazeem-Kaminski | Museum of Contemporary Art Skopje | 15th Novemberr, 2018, 8pm

On Thursday, 15th November, at 8pm at the Museum of Contemporary Art Skopje will take place a screening of two short films and a conversation with Belinda Kazeem-Kamiński, a Viennese artist, art-based researcher and writer. She is interested in memory, trauma and Black radical imagination, and currently is PhD-in-Practice candidate at the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna.

Within her first appearance to the Macedonian audience, Belinda Kazeem-Kamiński will present her research and artistic practice by showing her two short films “Unearthing. In Conversation" (2017) and “The Letter" (2018) after which a conversation with the audience will follow.