The Intricate Sense of Truth in Oral Histories

Presentation | Hristina Ivanoska: Document Missing: The Intricate Sense of Truth in Oral Histories  | Summer School as School organized by Stacion Center Contemporary Art Prishtina |  Boxing Club, Kosovo | 12  August,  2019 

Storytelling and the notion of oral transfer of data is a tradition on which we rest the case of most of the official historical narratives in relation to women’s history. The oral/immaterial transfer carries the weight of a document that is unscientific and prone to manipulation. Political currency of certain documents lies in the potential of unlocking a change or a paradigmatic shift in how something is perceived. In the process of critically examining the selection of particulars from the authentic materials we find that synthesis of particulars that lead into a narrative and, as a result, history becomes a contested field where the linearity of stories is challenged.

Intimate Introspection: Artist and/or Society

External activity |  Intimate Introspection: Artist and/or Society | Hristina Ivanoska’s work at Autostrada Biennale “Revolution is us” curated by Giacinto Di Pietrantonio. | Prizren, Kosovo |  21 July 2019

Ivanoska’s work “Intimate Introspection: Artist and/or Society” is an installation located in the ground floor of Prizren Bus Station. The work is made out of used cardboard boxes collected from local small private shops, a material that signifies the economic inequality and the silenced political voice of the individuals that recycle it. I am building a platform to contextualize the brutal occupation of the public space by neoliberal capital, the ongoing privatization and exploitation of the natural resources, and the continuous degradation of human and animal conditions.

Presentations by Tjasa Kalkan and Antonis Pittas

Artist in Residence Program  | Tjasa Kalkan and Antonis Pittas  | Collective Domain of Cultural Memory (CDCM) Project |  CAC Mobile Gallery | 11 June,  2019 

Presentations by the artists Tjasa Kalkan from Croatia and Antonis Pittas from the Netherlands as part of the residency research program realized in Skopje in the frame of the international project Collective Domain of Cultural Memory.

The work of Antonis Pittas is characterised by the historical awareness he holds whilst addressing contemporary social and political issues. More an observer than an activist, Pittas explores topics such safety and control, economic crises and acts of resistance, as well as violence and vandalism. He has a context sensitive practice whose focal point is directed at targeting such moments as a gesture of public discontent, unrest or simply the need for expression of ones personal creativity. Pittas usually develops mixed-media installations and spatial adaptations that provides a context for interpretation. Starting point for his residence in Skopje is his project “Hybrid 2018” he treats the issues of the public space in connection with the questions of power and responsibility in the local context of the city of Skopje.

AIM Plovdiv 2019 – Local Connections

Presentation | Jovanka Popova  | AIM Plovdiv 2019 – Local Connections |  Sklad, Plovdiv, Bulgaria | 8 June,  2019 

AIM Plovdiv 2019 – Local Connections brings together a range of European artist-run initiatives to connect independent Bulgarian art scene with the surrounding regions and internationally. The project builds on AIM Network's long-term goals to facilitate connections, build new collaborations, strengthen the artist-run scene and make it accessible to the public. It develops the concept of working on a large-scale local basis across different but interconnected neighbouring regions. Despite the state borders, artists and curators often share similar social and cultural questions, common traditions and discourse in contemporary art, yet often they do not have the opportunity to meet in person and share their experience. The project will offer a range of events including public workshops, panel discussion, guided tour and exhibition. AIM Plovdiv 2019 is organised by AIM Network and Water Tower Art Fest and is realised as part of the official programme of Plovdiv 2019 ECOC

Collective Domain of Cultural Memory (CDCM)

International Project | Collective Domain of Cultural Memory (CDCM)  | partners organizations: Press to Exit Project Space, Loose Associations, Suns and Stars  | Macedonia, Croatia and Netherlands |  2019 

(Un)disciplined: A Construction of An Archive – program produced in the context of the international project CDCM                    

International Symposium Hey, What Do We Have to Lose? Archiving as a Collective Act of Resistance, May 31st – June 1st, 2019; Artist in Residence Program - May 29th – June 14th, 2019; Exhibition Program - Museum of Contemporary Art Skopje May 31st – June 6th, 2019 and Mobil Gallery – Contemporary Art Center CAC Skopje June 10th – June 15th

International Symposium “Hey, What Do We Have to Lose? Archiving as a Collective Act of Resistance” “(Un)disciplined: A Construction of An Archive” is part of a year-long curated program produced in the context of the international project “Collective Domain of Cultural Memory” (CDCM)   – May 31st – June 1st, 2019  Skopje, Republic of North Macedonia

Collective Domain of Cultural Memory (CDCM) is an international project on the ethics of cultural heritage and the capacity of artistic practices to unfold new relations and understandings of history.