Undisciplined: A Construction of an Archive

Every time we experience the loss of something associated with our collective history, be it a document, a building, or a person, we feel that we lose our footing in both the present and the future. A disconcerting, disorienting, and ultimately debilitating sensation. Moreover, the ideology of remembering and archiving is strongly felt also in the absence of an actual archive (for instance, when it has been destroyed), which contributes to making all acts of artistic production around the archival challenging.

One key question emerging in my artistic research is how to use fragmentation, discontinuity, and contingency as tools for recontextualising knowledge from an archive. My work often follows formal elements conspire along the lines of creating a dimensional system of purely visual and conceptual entities that can become politically engaging and socially relevant.

Makedonium: Dramaturgy of the Unfinished

Research project and publication | Yane Calovski and Hristina Ivanoska | Makedonium: Dramaturgy of the Unfinished | December, 2020
The latest research and interdisciplinary project of artists Yane Calovski and Hristina Ivanoska under a working title “Makedonium: Dramaturgy of the Unfinished”, targets the archives and policies of memory and oblivion through an artistic interpretation of archival and other findings related to the late stages of modernism in Macedonia, in this specific case related to the monumental complex Makedonium (later renamed as Ilinden) in Krushevo. This project builds on their previous artistic interest related to the issues of defragmented histories, narrative speculations and policies of representation in the context of forgotten testimonies from the past. Their individual and joint projects shape visual formations of the (un)documented through various forms of art, respecting the ratio between the documentary and the artistic, as well as the ways in which artefacts challenge the imaginative and fictitious space.

Opening of SKS "Centar-Jadro"

External activities | Yane Calovski | opening of SKS "Center-Jadro"  | October 7, 2020

On the occasion of the opening of the new cultural and social space "Center-Jadro", as well as the presentation of the model of civil-public partnership, a press conference was held.

SKS "Centar-Jadro" is a public institution in the field of culture established on the principle of civil-public partnership for the needs of the community. It fosters an inclusive, democratic and progressive culture through program creation, affirmation, education and development of artistic and socio-cultural practices in collaboration with individuals, formal and informal groups.

Publication of the report for Creative Appreniceships

Educational activities | P4CA – Partnership for Creative Apprenticeships Project | Publication of the report for Creative Appreniceships | October 5, 2020

Partnership for Creative Apprenticeships (P4CA) aims to support the delivery of creative apprenticeships by building the skills of apprenticeship coaches and In-House Company trainers within the sector. It will promote the application of the European Framework for Apprenticeships to the Cultural and Creative Industries in 6 European countries and develop new training content and joint VET qualifications for these coaches to integrate work-based learning and apply knowledge in practical workplace situations in the CCIs.

We are happy to announce one of the first results of the project: the publication of our report.

Panic Room or Leap into Thinking

External activities | Jane Calovski and Hristina Ivanoska | group exhibition "Panic Room or Leap into Thinking" | October 2, 2020, Museum of Contemporary Art - Skopje

22nd of April, the day of planet Earth. This day has been marked for already half of century, aiming to emphasize the peoples awareness of the importance for preservation for healthy living environment. Question rises ” What have we done for this past 50 years?” Instead of caring for the nature we managed to accelerate the process of its degradation. We managed to entirely ignore the suggestions of the scientists that pollution and degradation of nature and the living conditions on our planet means going towards the edge of ontological abyss. It has showed that the ontological  abyss has larger gravitational pull instead of our obligation to be responsible in the face of the future : the one, that according to certain observations, is already happening.