Research visit and project presentation as part of Fuchsbau Festival

Research visit and project presentation | Yane Calovski and Hristina Ivanoska | Makedonium: Dramaturgy of the Unfinished | Fuchsbau Festival | Hanover, Germany  | August, 2020

 As part of the ongoing project “Makedonium: Dramaturgy of the Unfinished”, Yane Calovski and Hristina Ivanoska had a 2 week research visit in Hannover in order to meet the team of Fuchsbau Festival, to present the project and to work on the next stages of its production and presentation in 2022. The research visit was realized thanks to the support from the team of the Fuchsbau Festival and i-Portunus and Ministry of Culture of the Republic of North Macedonia

Video artist from Macedonia and the region: Hristina Ivanoska

External activities  | Hristina Ivanoska  | KSP-Center Jadro  | August 9, 2021

On Monday, August 9, at 9 pm, at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Skopje, KSP Center - Jadro has the honor to invite you to a video projection and discussion with the visual artist Hristina Ivanoska in a conversation with the curator Jovanka Popova.

Macedonian visual artists: Yane Calovski

External activities  | Yane Calovski  | KSP-Center Jadro  | July 16, 2021

In recent years, we have witnessed a lack of continuity or structured historiography that follows and treats the Macedonian visual scene. Many of our artists have a very rich production and under very difficult conditions they manage to exhibit their works at relevant exhibitions at home, in Europe and the world. Unfortunately, due to the systematic neglect of institutions and the media, their works and successes are not sufficiently presented to the general public. Therefore, we considered that through these presentations and live conversations with prominent authors we will succeed in greater promotion as well as generational connection which will help in establishing continuity and intensifying the dialogue on the local art scene. Within the 10 lectures / presentations, the artists will review their work or will present a selection of their most representative projects.

Which came first, the avocado or the peeler?

Educational activities | P4CA – Partnership for Creative Apprenticeships Project | Which came first, the avocado or the peeler?  | Klelija Zhivkovikj a transdisciplinary designer | July 7, 2021

Which came first, the avocado or the peeler? Read our latest article, an interview with Klelija Zhivkovikj a transdisciplinary designer from press to exit project space

I decided to study design after visiting shows at the Museum of Contemporary Arts in Skopje and Press to Exit project space, where I saw real everyday objects created from unconventional materials, allowed to take unconventional shapes and instruct unconventional use. To me this was a display of unique skill: the ability to work with potential. I immediately knew that this is what design is – the ability to see potential in a material, an object, a space, and create tools and methods to work with it.

Art House Chanel

External activities | Yane Calovski |  Art House Chanel | January 8, 2020

Art House is a project who want to build a bridge of comunication and dialogue between the local scene and the contribution of international personalities of the arts and culture.

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