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Citism Citism

February 17 – 24, 2006

Curators: Elena Veljanovska, Hristijan Panev and Boris Petrovski.
Artists: Neda Firfova, Boris Petrovski and Antonio Dimitrov

Citism is an attempt to detect the unique characteristics of Skopje by defining the codes of the urban language. The artists of the project process their researches through different forms of expressions by using and analyzing graphical languages, projecting special interventions, and processing sound. Each and every form operates to capture unique segments of city life. The project itself synthesizes various forms of expression in the urban context by striving to capture the instant and multilateral ambience of the city.

Neda Firfova’s graphic works are located in the gallery space whilst Boris Petrovski applies an outdoor installation in front of the gallery, and Antonio Dimitrov merges indoor and outdoor inputs with his sound installation.