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Dreams, Marijeta Sidovski

Marijeta Sidovski

With a simple but suggestive title, the Dreams cycle follows the logic of the already familiar achievements of Marjeta Sidovski, carrying a specific authorial signature. The objects, all created within the period of 2005/06 and never shown in Macedonia before, are in dominant small formats and molded in shapes associating to specific holy relicts where one cannot escape the symbolism. The symbolic sacral moment in these dreams – transformers of the past and the memories - is stressed through the archetypal materials and the relation with the mythical and ritualistic.
From a genuinely formal viewpoint, one might say that these 33 small compositions include elements of reduced art, Indian art and Byzantine iconology, representing possible grounds for upgrade, and not limitation, of the author’s creation.
Marijeta Sidovski’s objects are usually made of one piece, but not seldom of two connected wholes as well, and again, they can be interpreted in totally different ways – as a seam of duality, of two different natures, like the feminine and the masculine principle, which can also be seen from certain individual titles of the works.
Beside the unavoidable symbolic dominancy in Marijeta Sidovski’s artworks, the author still leaves room for the reception, imagination and free interpretation of the viewer in her small and sophisticated stories about her dreams as traces of her past.

This exhibition was also presented at the Center of Contemporary Art of Montenegro, Podgorica (March 2006), the Cultural Centre of the City of Novi Sad, MLS (March/April 2006), and Gallery ’73 – Belgrade (April-May 2006).

(excerpts from the text by Maja Cankulovska  - Mihajlovska)