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Lost Highway Expedition

Velimir Zernovski, from the “Welcome to Skopje” series, 2005

August 11 - 12, 2006

Special project│ Lost Highway Expedition (LHE) in Skopje │ Lost Highway Expedition is the first event of Europe Lost and Found (ELF), an interdisciplinary and cross-national research project that imagines economic, political and cultural geographies for a future Europe. Initiated by Central Foundation for Future Cities and the School of Missing Studies network. ELF is self supported by its participating members and the Slovenian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trust for Mutual Understanding.
This movement of artists, architects and other practitioners will navigate the unstable territory of the Western Balkans, envisioning decentred, non-hierarchical, informal, bottom up, self-generating open source network society, will arrive in Skopje and hosted at press to exit project space. From 30 July – 26 August 2006, LHE’s events/exhibitions will travel through Ljubljana, Zagreb, Novi Sad, Belgrade, Skopje, Pristina, Tirana, Podgorica and Sarajevo. It consists of two days of events in each city, with a day of travel in between. It includes guided tours, presentations and forums conducted by local experts, workshops between travellers and local participants, discussions, exhibitions, radio shows and picnics, as well as other possible events organized by the host cities themselves. Some of the artists involved in Skopje are: Filip Jovanovski, Velomir Zernovski, Jovan Sumkovski, Aleksandar Stankoski, Oliver Musovik and others.
Detailed program for Skopje will soon be announced.

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