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Design for Leadership
Gordana Vrencoska

Gordana Vrencoska has completed the MA Design Studies at Central Saint Martins College in London, where she has been introduced with the interdisciplinary approach to design. Vrencoska is a member of "Appointed by the Queen", a London-founded group of seven international designers/artists who want to create a platform for recognizing crossover disciplines in design and visual arts. Through the project "London Dwellers United: the Real City", which is presented at this year's DesignMai festival in Berlin, the group promotes the interdisciplinary approach to design, where designers are more than just specialists in a certain design discipline - they are "cultural designers", artists, politicians, sociologists, philosophers, inspired by the pursuit of inquiry through various disciplines of humanities and science. With her own contribution, the project called "Kingdom for Everyone", Gordana Vrencoska takes a role of a "social architect" - a "Citizigner" - who investigates the cosmopolitan identity of London through its dwellers, the true spirit of such a city.Through the experience gained during her postgraduate studies and the participation in DesignMai festival in Berlin, as part of her lecture Vrencoska will present the current trends in contemporary design.