Ada web

Ada web is launched in 1995 and its goal is to provide visual artists, composers, movie directors, architects, etc,  a station where they could engage in a dialogue with internet users.

Aksioma -  Institute for Contemporary Arts

Aksioma Institurte for Contemporary Arts is a non-profit cultural institution based in Ljubljana, Slovenia, which is interested in projects that take advantage of new technologies in order to investigate and discuss the structures of (post)modern society. Aksioma concentrates on artistic production that explores social, political, aesthetic and ethical concerns.


Digital Culture

Aniko Imre, Identity Games, Globalisation and the transformation of Media Cultures in the New Europe

Carolin Wiedemann, Soenke Zehle, Depletion Design A Glossary of Network Ecologies

Christopher M. Kelty, Two Bits The Cultural Significance of Free Software

Franco Berardi (Bifo), After the Future

Vuk Cosic

Vuk Ćosić has been active in politics, literature and art since 1994. Ćosić is well known for his work as a pioneer in the field of His work is an interesting mix of political, philosophical and conceptual issues. During a certain period of research he became interested in ASCII code and on the intersection between text and computer code, as well on the use of spaces in information.